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I'm training for a half marathon, and this is where you can watch that happen! Words of encouragement, questions, and workout buddies are ALWAYS encouraged!

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    "Oh, you booked this for NEXT weekend" Week 2

    Sunday we toured The Burren and (most importantly) The Cliffs of Moher. I already uploaded an entire album so I’m sure you’re seen enough, but here’s another! I got super excited because there was wifi on the cliffs (HOW COOL TO FACETIME FROM THERE RIGHT???) but then it ended up not working. Howeverrrr it was still probably (definitely) the coolest thing I will see while I’m in Ireland. Besides the cliffs themselves the trip there was pretty wild. The roads are super narrow (think Nebraska minimum maintenance roads, except paved) and there were times when our giant bus would meet another giant bus. We even had to reverse back to a wider point in the road at one point. 

    I also stuck my boots in the ocean (and got my purse wet) so now my bedroom smells like fish. Ah well.

    Chilling in the grass by day, and accidentally visiting Dumbledore’s favorite hangout by night. Have a mentioned again it STILL hasn’t rained here?? I have yet to see any one napping publicly in the library (because I have not been to the library….) but I HAVE seen people napping in the grass! This picture was taken Tuesday when Whitney and I met a couple girls from France and the Netherlands. 

    This is the crowd of students at the involvement fair. The highlight of the whole thing was the guys in the kayaking club. They were pulling one guy around in a kayak and he was carrying a squirt gun which he so graciously shot me in the face with. 

    This morning I was feeling extra sick so I decided I deserved a muffin from starbucks. It was life changing. I haven’t had any baked good since I’ve been here and I did not realize how much I missed them. We can only hope this isn’t the start of an addiction. Annnnnyways Thursday night (despite my still being sick) we all went into the city together and ended our night at Burger King. Sorry for the lack of culture. 

    Friday afternoon was everyone’s immigration appointments. It was totally painless until they took my debit card and I had to pay the fee…that hurt a little. haha. Afterwards we went and ate at this cute little Japanese restaurant that smelled like wood aka my dad’s shop. I’m probably stretching that a little because I’m homesick. Oops :)

    Saturday and Sunday we spent in Galway. I could type about this trip FOREVER so let me just tell you some highlights. First of all, our train left Limerick City at 5:55 AM which means we had to take a cab from Kilmurry Village before 5:30. When we finally arrive in Galway at our Hostel I’m trying to check us in and the lady tells me “I have some bad news girls….you have this booked for next weekend” She sent us on our way to check the other hostels (to no avail) as we simultaneously saw the city but told us to check back at noon because she MIGHT have space. AND GUESS WHAT! She did. Hallelujah praise the lord etc etc etc. 

    I also bought myself a Claddagh ring that day because I have been wanting one since I’ve been here. There’s a link to info about what they are and what they mean if you are interested! :)

    Most importantly, we found an American flag. I’m tired. Goodnight! 

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    Ugh, why isn’t there wifi here? Week 1

    As you probably realized, I arrived in Ireland safe and sound. We had a small catastrophe upon landing in Shannon (Andrea lost her phone)…but it was quickly resolved. The three of us—Fran, Andrea, and I—were obviously jet-lagged to the extreme and ready to get to campus and take a nap but noOoOoOoOo….that wouldn’t be happening for another couple hours. We were waiting on several other international students to arrive to the airport so that we could all be shuttled over to campus together. Soooo we joined the group of students that had already arrived which included a couple of boys from Poland (who shared their chocolate), some girls from the Netherlands, and several other students from the states. 

    We were the last group to be dropped off, so when we finally were I was ECSTATIC to discover that there was free food at the sign-in desk. Free food is my soul mate. After muddling through complicated paperwork that was actually really simple because I was just extremely tired, the big bunch of us separated to our specific houses within the village to unpack. By unpack I mean take a nap. 

    Unfortunately I had to wake back up soon after because 1. I couldn’t just sleep all day and 2. There was free food at the bar on campus and the free granola bar from earlier was not going to keep me full. We—Me, Fran, Andrea, Erin from Jersey and Taylor from Jersey all met up to make our game plan for the day. We settled on going to get the free food. I’m not sure why we had to meet up to decide that. 

    I dunno if you know this, but the Irish really like to drink beer. In my not-having-slept-in-48-hours state of mind I convinced Andrea to drink a Guinness with me. I have never actually dirt before…and I don’t mean to offend anyone…but oh my goodness ew. We struggled. We finished. But we struggled. Maybe I’ll give it another chance sometime….but then again maybe not. On the bright side, the free fried were good. Everything tastes better when it’s free, right? Right.

    By some miracle I woke up incredibly early (8am) the next day. With nothing else to do, I decided to go for a run around campus as a means of figuring out where things were. Lo and behold I found a dirt path that didn’t take me by any of the campus buildings….so I didn’t figure out where anything was. I did see a swan though. 

    Running burns calories which makes you hungry. I NEEDED TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE ASAP. So I did. I googled the name of a grocery store my roommate at home, Jessica, had told me about…mapped out a route on a piece of paper, and was on my way. I don’t think I have ever been as proud of myself as when I managed to get there without getting lost. I don’t think I have ever been as disappointed in myself as when I thought it would be a good idea to carry ~2 weeks worth of groceries 1.5 miles back to campus. Disclaimer: Ireland is not as cold as they say it is. I was sweaty. Like real sweaty. BUT I HAD FOOD. 

    Erin, Andrea, and myself before a night out.

    This is Tydgh (pronounced Tyg…like Tiger but without the “er”). He’s Irish. This is him teaching Anna all about Irish cuss words…along with the difference between cookies and biscuits. (oreos, are cookies, NOT biscuits…am I right or am I right??) 

    Anyhow, more about Tydgh. He’s an orientation guide…as in does the same job I do during Summer Preview at Creighton. If I were to take one of my new students to a bar, I’d be fired. Let alone that fact that I wouldn’t be able to get into the bar myself. 

    In case you didn’t think Twerking was an international fad.

    If there’s one thing I love more than free dinner, it’s getting to watch traditional Irish dancers before I eat free dinner. This was the coolest thing. I don’t have much to say about it, but I’ll upload a video later (promise.)

    This was the day we went into Limerick City for the first time…and we didn’t even embarrass ourselves on the bus system. Score one for America. We went into this clothing store called Penney’s (not the same as JC Penney’s at home) and it was fab u lousssss. It was super cheap and super cute. I’m really into super cheap if you hadn’t already noticed based off of my excitement about all the free food opportunities. Anyhow, I controlled myself and managed to only buy what I came to buy (washcloths, rain boots, and warm leggings)

    We ate lunch at McDonalds…it counts as culture because they had a “eurosaver” menu.

    Have you ever walked a mile to buy a chocolate bar? Because I have. Sometimes a girl (and her friends) just need chocolate. It was worth every step I had to take to get there, and hey, maybe I burned it off! (or maybe not…)

    Having fun is hard work, so sometimes you sleep at the party welcoming you to campus. 

    Beautiful Limerick City. We went into town for a festival involving a giant grandma puppet (pictured below) today and used that opportunity to walk around town and see the (or some of the) sights. I’d have more to say but I’m exhausted and it’s past my bedtime. It’s been a great week!

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    Cheeto Club. Cutesie Face Squad. Etc etc etc. I’ll miss my bluejay crew. 

    Cheeto Club. Cutesie Face Squad. Etc etc etc. I’ll miss my bluejay crew. 

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The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

"In just six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes in a year. (x)




    The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

    "In just six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes in a year. (x)

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    a prostitute


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    Double tap for cuteness❤️

    o hmy god

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    Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans:

    • If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy
    • If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child

    Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?

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    1. Don’t try to piss quietly. Nobody in a public restroom thinks you’re knitting in your stall. They came to piss, just like you. And if you have to take a dump, do it. Get over your fear of public toilets. It’ll make life a lot easier.

    2. Masturbate. Masturbate a lot. Talk about it with your friends. You’ve got the right to make yourself feel good and brag about it just like all the boys with extra large kleenex packages on their desks.

    3. If you want the large fries, get the large fries. Hunger and appetite are nothing to be ashamed of, just human. Don’t ever feel guilty for eating in front of others. You need to nourish your body to stay alive. We all do.

    4. Laugh as loud as you have to, no matter if you snort or gasp or literally scream.

    5. Fart when you have to.

    6. Always remember you weren’t born to visually please others. Forget the phrase “what if they think it’s ugly”. If you think it’s lovely, it is lovely. You wanna wear it, wear it!

    7. Speak your mind! You can learn to do so without insulting others or shoving your opinion down other people’s throats.

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